As a self taught musician, Argentinian Alexis Cabrera started to experiment with music at a very young age. After having spent six years of conservatory studies, his music flourished. Cabrera’s style can best be defined as a tech house sound with groovy bases. He performs exclusively live, singing his own songs on the fly. His songs were released on labels like Mindshake Records, Bla Bla Music, Raum…Musik, Little Helpers, Kumquat Records, Time has changed, Great Stuffs and many many more.

In 2011 he co-produced Barem’s “After the Storm“, along with Barem himself, released on Minus [Minus 110].

In August 2011 goes on sale his debut album on Mindshake Records: “Ocean Between”, which is the only album in the label history.

He has participated in Boiler Room (Buenos Aires) with Barem and Ernesto Ferreyra in 2014. And also, he made several tours around United States (New York, Miami), Central America (El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia) and South America (Argentina, Uruguay, Peru).

Alexis Cabrera, based on Venice Italy since 2012, without any doubt evolves in the most renowned league of producers of Argentina and his discography shows collaborations with top artists of the world such as Barem, Federico Molinari, Someone Else, Kate Simko, Franco Cinelli, Paco Osuna, Lorenzo Bartoletti, Jorge Savoretti, Matteo Spedicatti, Ariel Rodz and Ronan Portela, among others.

Alexis Cabrera & Mattia Bison – Give The Hype EP @ Kumquat Records
Alexis Cabrera & Federico Molinari – La Vueltica EP @ RAUM…MUSIK
Alexis Cabrera & Kike Mayor – Little Helpers 166
Alexis Cabrera – Latitas / Cuadritos EP @ Bla Bla Music
Alexis Cabrera – Ocean Between LP @ MINDSHAKE RECORDS
Alexis Cabrera – Who said it isnt good? @ Christmas Compilation @ MINDSHAKE RECORS
Alexis Cabrera – Everything [Mindshake] @ Fabric 65 by Matthias Tanzmann (http://www.fabriclondon.com/store/fabric-65.html)
Atlantic Soul EP @ Hermine Records
Akin @ Eat More Beef
Wherever EP @ Mindshake Records
The ghost of friday @ Time Has Change
El destino EP @ Loca Music
Make me feel @ Great Stuff Records
Loloo (incl in VA) @ Sleep is comercial
La Sonora del Hihat (incl in VA) – Amam
Waiting (incl in VA) @ Time has changed
Can you do it EP @ Kaato Music
La tablita EP @ Kaato Music
Miss miss EP @ (incl/ Violett rmx) Arjaus Music
Aiia EP @ Pura Music
Bueeehh EP @ Kumquat Records
Dai Ep @ Bit Log Records
From 1979 Ep (Incl. Kate Simko & Ronan Portela rmx) @ Klectik Rec. (2010)
De los Fantasmitas EP @ Attary Rec. (2010)
En enero (Unlock Recordings VA 2010)
Asi Baila Damian EP (- Incl/ Franco Cinelli & Andomat 3000 rmx) Jagoo Records 002)
Almohaditas EP (incl. Someone Else rmx) @ Unlock Recordings (2009)
Dos Mojitos Bitte / with Guti @ Monique Musique (2009)
Underwear – Vekton Musik (2008)
Asi Asi – With Guti – Rubber Band (2008)
Piedritas @ with Guti – Minibus (2008)
Hidrobios – Unlock Recordings (2007)


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